Buena Vista del Norte

This municipality is outstanding for its landscape diversity due to the growth of coastal and rural tourism, the latter has grown especially in the last decades, in spite of this, it has been loyal to its traditions and it has beautiful settlements such as Valle del Palmar, Teno Alto, Masca and Los Carrizales.It boasts attractions of undeniable beauty, its streets are full of magic, its coastline abounds with enticing coves and entertainment options that respect its wonderful nature, such as the opening of the Buenavista Golf fields.


Arona is one of the most important tourist municipalities on the island; it has a wonderful climate all year round, allowing tourist expansion, and the growth of its population, that has multiplied by nine in the last century, giving a general idea of the development achieved by this municipality in recent times. The village of Arona situated high in the valley overlooking the successes of its massive expansion through the late 70’s until the present day still remains the sleepy village it was in times gone by. Well worth a visit but quite a drive from Los Cristianos or Buzanada.An important harbor has been established in the area of Los Cristianos, allowing communication between Tenerife and La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro with ferries operated by both Fred Olsen and Trasmediterranea. The largest mural in the world has been created on this dock, with 4.800 m 2 of surface area that recreates the theme of cetacean protection with the slogan “Los Cristianos – Port of Nature”.

Agricultural activity is concentrated in the Valley of Saint Lorenzo, where bananas are cultivated on wide surfaces, destined for the peninsular markets. Terrain is also dedicated to producing tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and flowers (in greenhouses) destined for exporting to European countries. Tourism however has dwarfed all other local commercial activities as Arona and its main coastal destinations including Los Cristianos and Las Americas (major destination shared by boundaries with Adeje) have taken key positions in Europe’s top listed destinations.

Therefore, tourism is the main source of income for this southern municipality that has wisely known how to exploit the characteristics of its climate, warm, dry and permanently sunny, to create an important tourist enclave. Over 60% of its population is related to this sector with a diverse international population since the early 1980’s.


This municipality is second in extension on the isle after La Orotava, it possesses important aquatic resources. On the southern landscape an eolic park is quite outstanding.It has a rich historical legacy and a rural tourism infrastructure.

Its economy is based on a rising agriculture, the most important crop on the island is potato production, also outstanding are tomato production for exporting, cattle raising and cheese manufacture.

Today its wines, specially the ecologic ones, and its cheeses, have become a great success.

The tourism sector has had little development, reducing itself to summer homes for weekend vacations or for the summer season.


This small municipality has a unique beauty. On several occasions it has been awarded different prizes for its cleanliness and cared-for environment.The urban site of the villa has a high population concentration, since 90 percent of the municipality’s dwellers live in the city, in the neighbourhood del Carmen and El Fielato.

It boasts an important historical and artistic heritage that certainly deserves a visit, as web as Arafo’s volcano and the canyon of Añavingo (Barranco de Añavingo), that exhibits a wealth of Canary flora.

The coastal strip is occupied by a low rocky line of coastal beach, where the neighbourhood known as Playa de Lima is established.

The industrial activity has started to pick up, thanks to the establishment of an industrial park, which is shared with other municipalities, and also to the progress of the communication network.


Adeje, is an eminent tourist destination, boasting a landscape of great beauty, including a small waterfall just outside the village with a permanent water flow. Its coastal expanse engulfs the larger area of Las Américas, Playa del Duque and other up-and-coming areas of the Costa Adeje tourist zone where some of the best southern beaches are to be found.In recent years, its coastal area, now known as Costa Adeje (since 1999), has developed a high quality hotel and leisure infrastructure, where the tourist complexes and attractions have endowed the area with all it needs to maintain its great beauty.

Other areas of considerable traveler interest are: Cayo Salvaje and Paraíso Beach where scuba-diving and fishing are much sort after pastimes for visitors and locals alike.

Various rocky bays and outcroppings stand out such as El Conde, Abinque and Imoque and others higher in the valleys above the village such as El Infierno (hell hole) are to name but a few. Trekking above Adeje is a great favorite for those who enjoy this activity and the views are marvelous.

Adeje’s economy still comprises of various agricultural activities such as; cereals, grapes, olives, bananas and goat raising. Nevertheless, the town and local government currently commandeer one of Europe’s newest and most successful tourist destinations born just under 30 years ago but today rivaling the worlds #1 destinations.

Its climate guarantees sunshine all year round and the ever changing face of Adeje guarantees continuous yearly updates to the scenery each year that one returns.



When someone digs into the roots of culture in the Canary Islands they encounter an identity of a people with strong customs, who defend their past while forging on with the present.In a cordial manner we invite you to follow the path of pleasant but profound comings and goings of the development of a community bursting with its own personality and very proud of it.

The synthesis is no barrier to learning that these people own a personality unique to the rest of the world.

To delve into the Canary culture, enjoy everything from its aboriginal customs to the constant doings of present day life, is a wonderful way of better understanding the attractions of these incomparable islands.

The invitation is standing and together we will learn about the artistic manifestations in art-loving communities, as well as the architecture, sculpture, arts and crafts, music, even to the peculiar way the Canary people have of speaking. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the most beautiful Canary traditions.

Le Bistrot D´Alain

Alain and his team offers traditional French cuisine, quality and completely homemade: Duck breast, duck confit, steak sauce Roquefort, snails and frog legs … There is not a real card sets, but each week a slate of suggestions is announced. This great chef, qualified from the Hotel School of Thonon-les-Bains, one of the best schools cooks in France, after holding a restaurant in Paris, the couple opened in 1990 ” Le Bistrot d’Alain” and very quickly, it becomes meeting place for all residents and tourists, nostalgic for the good French cuisine, Primed “Best Foreign Cuisine 1995,” Service is always attentive without being intrusive and help is always available and is done in a friendly and attentive way, you are comfortably installed in the light of candles in a romance and charm ambiance. Embark without hesitation for a trip to the French flavors.

Main dish: ravioli with shrimp and vegetables, Ris lamb with morels, Coquilles St. Jacques a la Provencal, Lobster al’Armoricaine, Tarte Tatin, warm chocolate fondant, crème anglaise, crepes Suzette.

Municipality: Los Cristianos – Arona
Cuisine Type: French
Hours: 7.00 pm – 11.00 pm Monday closed – Holidays from 1 to July 15
Food Price: 30 – 35 euros
Address: Calle Valle Menéndez, 23. Los Cristianos
Telephone: 922 752 336

La Hoya del Camello

Closed on Sunday afternoons.It has a salad bar. Extensive parking

Main dish: Coriander gilthead fish, Cooked pork stirrups, fish and seafood seafood stew, braised lamb and broth rices

Municipality: La Laguna
Cuisine Type: International
Hours: 12.30 – 16.15 h and from 19.30 – 23.00 h
Food Price: 25 euros
Address: Ctra. Gral del Norte, 128, 38200
Telephone: 922 262 054


Finally, a true Cuban bar , meeting point in Puerto de la Cruz, in front of the Museum iarte.
Led by Raul, he will prepare some delicious tropical fruit juices, milk shakes and natural cocktails. Ideal place for sitting on the terrace, to enjoy a nutritious breakfast, or a tapas menu at lunch or a mojito or a Cuban cocktail in the evening.
Evenings and weekends are transformed into a Cuban healthy and pleasant atmosphere on the rhythm of salsa, with friendly service and prices very acceptable. Invitation to a welcome drink

Main dish: salads, tapas Spanish and Mexican tapas, dishes typical Cuban, Spanish tortilla, meatballs house (albondigas), tuna salad, Iberian ham, Manchego cheese, sandwiches and other, Mojitos, Cuban cocktails, bowls of ice cream .. .

Municipality: Puerto de La Cruz
Cuisine Type: Cuban – International – Tapas – Tasca
Hours: 9 AM – 12 PM
Food Price: 7€
Address: calle Iarte, 10
Telephone: 676 73 66 44


The Café Royal has always been synonymous with emotions and charm – to give people what they want, while introducing them to the delights that they have never imagined. The Café Royal was a landmark in London since 1865, in Puerto de la Cruz Jordi Mazo and his team has opened over 30 years and remains a prestigious and quiet place to be.
The cakes and pastries are German design (with fruits like cherries, strawberries, apples ,…) and with a selection of quality raw materials, such as for the preparation of butter, choice of flour or chocolate . The ice is made with many styles and varieties, and juices and milk shakes are made with natural fruits.

Main dish: cakes, pies, cookies, buns, tea, herbal teas, coffee, ice, sandwiches, desserts, salads, breakfast, cocktails, cheesecake.

Municipality: Puerto de La Cruz
Cuisine Type: Asian and Oriental as well as Italian
Hours: 10h00 – 23h00
Food Price: 6 – 9 €
Address: Avenida Generalísimo Puerto de la Cruz
Telephone: 922 38 23 02

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